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Best Baby Lullabies Was Started by Parents Just Like You

We saw the powerful effects listening to music had on our baby’s development and overall happiness. Music stimulates and enhances brain development. – not just in babies but throughout life! There is now so much research into the amazingly powerful effects that music has on the brain. We want to bring the wonders of music to babies and parents across the globe.


Listening to Music is Fun!

Listening to music of all kinds one of life’s great pleasures  It’s a really great way to bond with your baby too. Singing to baby along with lullaby music is a great way to soothe a baby to sleep. Babies love the sound of human voices especially familiar ones like mom and dad so why not learn some of the lovely lullabies we have here and sing them to your baby? Babies love them and will try to copy you which is great for learning to talk.


Music Works Great to Put Babies to Sleep

Lullabies are great for putting babies to sleep. They have a calming and soothing effect on the brain. Music distract baby from what is causing them to fuss and gives a baby something pleasant to focus on instead. So many parents have reported the amazing effects our lullabies have on their baby on our Best Baby Lullabies youtube channel


Our Expert Team

We have an expert team in baby development, early education, child care and music. Here we share our expertise and knowledge with you so you can give your baby the very best start in life.


Why not download our FREE Baby Sleep Guide full of great tips and hints to help you and your baby to have a great nights sleep? Or download our most popular lullabies here. 

Take a look at out FREE lullaby downloads here.


Sweet dreams from Best Baby Lullabies x

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