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365 Days of Baby Activities

Best Baby Lullabies 365 Days Of Activities for Baby

We have put together 365 simple, fun and learning activities – one a day – to do with your baby. It is NEVER to early to start simple activities with baby. Start talking to baby the second they are born. You can play sound games with a newborn baby by making clear and exaggerated sounds and watch baby as he or she is captivated by the sound of your voice. As baby grows they will start to imitate the sounds you make by moving their mouth and eventually making sounds. Try some of our activities which are designed for babies from birth to one year and on.

Fun With Crayons

Ever wonder how to make use of the worn out and dull crayons left behind by your child after several usage? Then this activity is the answer. Try collecting the pieces of crayons that are already worn-out and dull and

Painting and Drawing Activities

This kind of activity never runs out of date and style. Parents can think of different ways in order to make this activity an enjoyable one. By providing your child with different coloring materials and papers,

Listening To Nursery Rhyme Songs

Instead of spending the day with dullness, the parent and the child may listen to different nursery songs and sing along with them. The singing part is a great way to bond with the child

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Baby Music For Baby To Sleep

Baby Music For Baby To Sleep

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Sleep Training Methods You Should Never Use Them!

Sleep Training Methods You Should Never Use Them!

  Every one wants a simple system that works and baby sleep is no different. Some so called baby sleep 'experts' exploit this human need and come up with 'systems' and methods for baby sleep which they can sell to us as the way to solve all our...

Why You Should Play Music To Your Baby

Why You Should Play Music To Your Baby

Music  is everywhere. It is felt in bird chants to rain drops and in guitar strings to drum beats. Different type of music has a different impact on humans like some soothe up our minds,