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Baby LullabiesBecoming a parent for the first time can be a daunting, emotional, exhausting and a truly rewarding time of your life. Knowing what to expect over the next few months will help prepare both mom and dad the needs of your growing baby.

Now is the time to build solid foundations for the next few years and beyond. We at Best Baby Lullabies have worked with experienced parents and teachers to bring you this book and to share this information with you.

Here is what you will learn from this book…

In this book, we will discuss many aspects of caring for a new baby.

  • We will look at the basics of baby care, such as feeding, sleeping, and the like, but we will also delve deeper, looking at how your baby’s brain develops and what activities you can do to help stimulate your baby and keep him/her happy and content.
  • We will also look at baby development milestones, as well as ideas for designing a stimulating baby bedroom. It is my hope that this book helps you to learn new things you can do to foster a readiness for learning in your baby.


From Birth to Two Years – What You Need to Know and More…

  • Basic care for your new baby

    • Feeding
    • Sleeping
    • Dressing
    • Bathing
    • Changing
    • Why is my baby crying?
  • How your baby’s brain and senses develop
    • The first year
    • The second year
    • The third year
    • Vygotsky’s theory of cognitive development
    • Sensory development
  • Detailed activities to raise a bright and happy baby
    • From reading, music, play, toys to massage
  • Baby’s sleep and play space – What to do and buy
    • Colours to use in your babies room
    • Motor stimulation
    • Creating space for activities
  • Toys and learning resources
    • Toys to use that develop your babies language, motor skills and coordination
  • Baby development milestones
    • Key development month by month for the first year.

New Baby Guide



Your’ll get a bonus baby sleep guide e-book packed full of detailed helpful advice and techniques used by experienced parents. Here is what to expect:Free Baby Sleep Guide

  • Sleeping tips for babies from birth to 3 months

  • When you can expect your baby to sleep longer

  • Setting up a bedtime routine

  • Sleep Training Methods

  • The “No Tears” Method Described in Detail

  • The “Happiest Baby” Method

And a lot more practical information for you to help your baby sleep peacefully through out the night.


Plus An Extra Bonus Download

Our loopable mobile optimized ‘Cloud flight Night Night Baby Lullaby’ video proven to have worked for millions of babies. (And adults.) world wide!


  • Copy the MP4 file to your phone or tablet
  • Set your media player to loop
  • Make your baby warm and comfy
  • Press play then let the music and video do its magic!

love it for my almost 2 year old… wish i’d discovered it when he was younger… works EVERYTIME !

Rahilya Napoli

I instantly love whoever put this together, my son had been crying for 40 minutes straight and this made him stop crying after 2 notes. 4 minutes in and he’s asleep!

Casey Steinmetz

This is the one! I’ve tried other videos to get my 4 month old baby to sleep and this really works. He was sleep within the first minute! Thank you.

Reighny Henry

just made my little girls to sleep… now time for a 8 hour nap thank you so much 🙂 please let me know if there’s othere songs out there I’m a new dad I have twins that are 2 months old and they love songs

Alex Cross