10 Ways Music Helps To Develop Babies Brain

children playing music

Playing and Listening to Music has Many Benefits to Babies and Children.

Here are ten great reasons why your baby should play with musical instruments and listen to all kinds of musical styles.

  • It makes children more creative which is great for mind, body and soul.
  • Babies love to play music on simple ‘instruments’ such as wooden spoons, plastic bowls and saucepans. This is a great way to have fun!
  • Playing an instrument teaches children discipline by regular practice .Once your child is a little older more formal instruments can be learned. Having a piano or a simple keyboard and letting your baby play the instruments is a great way to start and interest in music.
  • Making music is expressive and teaches children to explore emotions. We all know the effect that a great song or piece of music can have on us. Music created great memories, connects people and is part of our lives.
  • Listening to and playing music is a great way to learn about musical styles, composers and how music is used everyday in our culture. Listening to different styles of music is fun.
  • Music can help you bond with your child through sharing listening to music. There is nothing better than snuggling up with you baby and listening to a lovely lullaby at bedtime.
  • Listening to music helps baby develop auditory skills such as discrimination of different sounds. Baby brain development is enhanced by  listening to music. The skills needed for reading such as a sense of rhythm and listening are developed by listening to all types of music.
  • Dancing and moving to music helps spatial awareness and large movement skills. Moving to music is not only fun but helps with co-ordination and promotes the love of moving.
  • Songs with lyrics helps baby to learn language skills fast. Nursery rhymes are great for exposing baby to language. Baby becomes familiar with word patterns and hears vocabulary with is a must when learning to read.
  • Playing with musical toys and instruments helps fine motor co-ordination. Fine motor co-ordination is needed for writing later on and. well – for most things really.
  • Listening to baby lullaby music helps baby to relax and soothes them to sleep. Find your babies favorite lullaby and listen to it every night. It will create a routine and give your baby the cue that bedtime is near.
Bedtime lullabies to Stream

Bedtime lullabies to Stream

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Stream Sleepy Angel Bedtime Lullabies

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Stream Goodnight Little Star Lullabies

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Baby Sleep Music

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