10 Ways Music Helps Baby Brains Develop

baby music 10 benefits

10 Ways Music Helps Your Baby’s Brain Develop

Playing and listening to music has so  many benefits to babies and children.  A love of music developed as a baby and young child is a gift for life. playing music to baby before birth is a good way to introduce baby to sounds and rhythms at an early age. baby will recognise these sounds and melodies after birth and find them soothing.

Here are ten great reasons why your baby should play with musical instruments and listen to all kinds of musical styles.

Listening to and playing makes children more creative which is great for mind, body and soul.

Playing an instrument teaches children discipline by regular practice  and boosts brain cells too.

Making music is expressive and teaches children to explore emotions, creativity and passion for music.

Listening to and playing music is a great way to learn about musical styles, composers and how music is used everyday in our culture.

Music can help you bond with your child through sharing listening to music and playing musvi together

Listening to music helps baby develop auditory skills such as discrimination of different sounds.

Dancing and moving to music helps spatial awareness and large movement skills.

Songs with lyrics helps baby to learn language skills fast.

Playing with musical toys and instruments helps fine motor co-ordination.

Listening to music helps baby to relax and soothes them to sleep. That is why we started Best Baby Lullabies. Listen to our lullaby music on youtube here,

Download our lullaby music here.




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