5 Reasons To Play Music To Your Baby

baby with headphones listening to music

Why You Should Listen To Music With Your Baby


Babies Have A Natural Love of Music and Sounds

Your baby can react to music in the very early days and even before birth. So use of this natural fascination towards music has many benefits. It  enhances parent – baby bonding, improves her vocabulary skills and opens  the doorway to all types of  fun and exploration. Music is everywhere. It is felt in bird song to rain drops and in guitar strings to drum beats. Different type of music has a different impact on humans. For example  some soothe up our minds, whereas few other types just fill our body with thrills and energy. Babies are no exception to this fact and clear evidence for this is shown in the  reaction of babies to various baby lullabies and music.

Music Helps Better Mental Development

Your baby’s brain is ‘pre-tuned’   to appreciate and learn from music in the same way as a baby is by default, ready to understand language. As  babies go through a babbling  interval before they figure out how to communicate properly, same way  they  babble musically. Your child prepares herself to listen to and develop different musical ideas and could make up little songs, which will help in better mental growth in her coming weeks and months.

Music Enriches Harmony and Parent-Child Bonding

Having fun with your baby when listening and sharing  music can be an easy method to reinforce your connection.  Choice of music must not be an issue as all music is child friendly. It is a good  idea if you select music you like as by  doing this you will enjoy music with your child. This will give her better feeling of your love for music which will be transmitted to her by your enjoyment.

happy babies playing music

Music to help your baby speak

Your child will learn to speak  faster if music is included in your daily activities. Studies have discovered that infants who take part in listening to music,creating music and learning a few moves with the music (even with parents help) developed more communication skills such as gestures and sounds as compared to those who just listened  to music passively.

Spend Quality Time Together Listening and Making Music

You will find plenty of ways to move and perform  together with your baby. You can sing a popular song and leave out the final words of a line, inviting your baby to join in with a grunt or a coo.  Another suggestion is to clap your child’s hands in time with  with the lyrics and the tone of the song to help her in feeling the rhythm. This will also develop synchronization between different skills  like hearing, speaking and movement.

A good goal is to increase your child’s love and enjoyment of music over time and expand the types of music you share together.  Hearing music should be about exposing your child to new styles of music, sounds and rhythms and mainly having fun! Take  your lead from your child. Does he appear to appreciate everything you choose for him? Does he become lively whenever you play  a particular song? Don’t just stick to ‘baby’ music. Your baby will enjoy ALL types of music.

Giving your baby the gift of loving music and gaining pleasure from music will benefit him in so many ways for his whole life. Here at Best Baby Lullabies we would love to help you do that and you will find a wide range of music to enjoy with your children.


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