5 Ways Music Helps You Baby Develop

Babies find their way into the world and are instantly entranced by everything they feel, hear, and sense.

When they begin to explore, they find that all may not be as quiet as they would like, as different movements and sounds get to distract and then, keep them on edge. This could drive them to unleash in their wailing wildness and when they do, even the mother could have a hard time settling them down.

Many ways have been put forward to help babies relax, develop, and then grow as a consequence but constant distractions may affect their development phase. This is where music can be employed to do an awesome job.

Why music?

Music is a combination of soothing notes that generally help the body find rhythms to maintain and then enjoy. If music could help even adults to relax and then become more productive; “how much more babies?” Lullabies are now even in hot demand as babies recognize the voices of the singers and naturally gravitate towards them as they begin to grow.

Considering the importance of music in development and relaxation, we’ll consider 5 ways music help babies develop:


Bonding: as music helps you bond with your baby, he/she will also be more open to learning from you as the baby knows you have his/her best interests at heart. Hence, he/she is more open to learning.

Smartness: as babies begin to grow, they become more aware of their surroundings. When music is thrown into the mix, the baby tries to comprehend how simple notes form complex ones and before you know it, he/she is possibly fixated on learning a musical instrument at a young age. This of course, improves brain development.

Become more social: as babies listen to and participate in music, they begin to see others through the same lens too! Before you know it, the baby may begin to show a propensity towards a musical instrument or better still ‘sing’ along when another baby or an adult begins to sing.

Aid sleep patterns: sleep for a baby is a necessity. It is therefore expected that they get as much sleep as possible. Some even postulate that they’re expected to sleep for most of the day. Now, a grouchy baby will never be relaxed enough to sleep, but music for babies – lullabies, easily gets them out of their grouchiness.

Discipline: associating specific music to set times of the day will help your baby understand what you want done without using too many words. Your baby may not fully grasp all you’re saying though, but with music, the message is clear.

Getting your baby to develop shouldn’t be difficult if you make music a part of the child’s life.

So, begin by playing that baby music.

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