5 Ways Music Helps Your Baby Develop

 Music Helps Your Baby Brain Development

Baby music helps babies develop in many ways and most definitely should be included in the daily routine of every baby. Why is  baby music so beneficial to baby health and development?

 Here are five great reasons;-


Sharing baby music is a beautiful way for you to bond with your baby. Listening to a soothing baby lullaby or dancing to fun baby music is a great way to enjoy each others company Baby will also be more open to learning from you as the baby knows you have his  best interests at heart and you have fun together. Singing to you baby is one of the best ways to bond. Holding you baby in you arms while you sing a lullaby is one of the most memorable experiences of parenthood.


As babies begin to grow, they become more aware of their surroundings. When baby music is thrown into the mix, babies brain tries to comprehend how simple notes form complex ones and before you know it, baby might become keen on learning a musical instrument at a young age. This of course, improves brain development by firing neurons in the brain which helps with learning. in general.

Become more social:

As babies listen to and participate in making music, they begin to see others through the same lens too! Encourage baby to use simple musical ‘instruments’  like wooden spoons, plastic bowls  and saucepans. Before you know it, the baby may begin to show a propensity towards a musical instrument or better still ‘sing’ along when another baby or an adult begins to sing.

Aid sleep patterns:

Sleep for a baby is a necessity. It is therefore expected that they get as much sleep as possible. Some even postulate that they’re expected to sleep for most of the day. Now we all know that is not true! A grouchy baby will never be relaxed enough to sleep, but music for babies in the form of a soothing lullaby  will soothe, calm and relax baby so that they fall into a peaceful sleep.


Associating specific music to set times of the day will help your baby understand what you want done without using too many words. Baby Music can help set a routine and rhythm to you day. Your baby may not fully grasp all you’re saying though, but with music, the message is clear. This is helpful at bedtime when a well chosen lullaby if played regularly will be a clue that bedtime in coming.

Helping your baby to develop shouldn’t be difficult if you make music a part of their  life from day one. So, begin by playing that baby music right from birth and even before!

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