6 Reasons To Play Music To Your Baby


Just as there are videos tailor made for babies to suit their developmental stages, there is also baby music, made with the same thought in mind. Baby music can be of any genre of music known to man, even electronic, but it is usually divided into two categories: either playtime music or sleepy time music, also known as lullabies.

Play time music is often energetic and involves different learning techniques to help babies meet the world they have only recently entered. Lullabies, on the other hand, are made to sooth the baby to sleep, to relax it and help it ease off into dreams after an eventful time of being awake.

If you have any doubt if your baby should be listening to any music at all, don’t. Doctors recommend playing enjoyable music even when the future mother is still pregnant. Babies can hear certain sounds through the womb and soothing music can only affect them positively and make them feel more secure.

Here are some of the benefits of baby music to convince you to always have something playing around you:

  1. Baby music is soothing, calming and can, as such, better health where needed
  2. Baby Music is enhancing the sense of security
  3. Baby Music boosting brain development
  4. Baby Music helps language development
  5. Baby Music  helps communication with others
  6. Baby Music helps to  develop listening skills

Luckily, nowadays all you need to do to play some baby music is to browse through YouTube, which you can do even when you’re on the go. Explore the world of baby music with your child and see what makes them the most happy. It will not only help them, but also help you feel more content and relaxed as a parent in those difficult first few months.

And for a proven good night’s sleep, put on one of the best baby lullabies, which you can find here.

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