happy baby playName Your Baby’s Body Parts

Playing with your child’s eyes, ears, nose, and toes can be lots of fun for both you and baby, and it can help them learn body parts. Tell them the names of each part enough times, and soon enough he or she will be able to point out their ears or their toes when asked!

Give Lots of Tummy Time

Tummy time can’t be advocated enough for babies once they reach about two months of age. It helps strengthen baby’s arms and neck and can be a lot of fun, too. Tummy time will eventually teach your baby how to lift his or her head, to roll over, to sit up, and more. While your baby won’t be able to do much or to get far in the beginning, he or she will be dragging themselves around in no time at all. One great suggestion during tummy time is to really work to keep your baby’s attention so he or she keeps their head up as much as possible.

Play with Blocks

Blocks can be a great developmental activity as soon as your baby is around six months of age. At this age, your baby will do little more than hold the blocks or even try to put them in his or her mouth, but it won’t be any time at all until your baby is learning to stack the blocks atop one another and performing other feats that strengthen dexterity as well as hand-eye coordination. By eighteen months, your baby will start learning how to sort block by image, size, color, or other criteria.