Baby looking at laptop

We all want our children to be intelligent and happy, and one part of achieving this is providing them with as much learning and stimulation as possible while they are in their formative period. Here, we will examine some activities you can do with your little one to help provide stimulation and to help your child grow up bright and happy.


Read To Your Baby

Studies show that reading proficiency amongst middle and high school students is very low. Yet reading can be a very enjoyable activity for parents and babies that will help them develop a love of books that they will carry with them for the rest of their life. If you are looking for a great activity for raising a healthier, happier baby, reading to them from the earliest age possible is certainly recommended. It is also recommended that you read to your baby as often as possible, especially as a replacement for some of the television time that many babies get with their parents.

Sing to Your Baby

Did you know that babies are innately able to differentiate between different rhythms? Research indicates that music can play an important role in the life of a developing infant and that singing to your baby can actually be a great language lesson. Try to choose songs that are geared towards infants, such as lullabies and play songs (think: The Wheels on the Bus). According to research, singing to your baby can do more than just increase the bond between the two of you, it can also lift a baby’s mood and even help regulate arousal levels.

Play with the Mirror

While showing your baby his or her own reflection might not sound like much, it can be very stimulating and entertaining for baby. By showing your baby their reflection, you are teaching them how to recognize themselves, which is excellent for brain development. It also helps your baby see all the things that his or her face is capable of doing. You can even find unbreakable mirrors that can be attached to the inside of a crib for your baby to play with while laying down or enjoying tummy time.