Benefits of Nursery Rhymes and Reading

Rhyming and Reading

Nursery rhymes offer myriad of cognitive benefits for children, especially when they are used often. One of these benefits is improved reading skills. Utilizing nursery rhymes early on with a child will expose them to the foundational skills required for reading later in life.

Rhyming is a unique way to introduce children and toddlers into stories and language that they will be exposed to later in life. Lavenders blue nursery rhymesRhymes expose children to the many benefits of literacy. By exposing children to nursery rhymes early on, parents can help their child progress in terms of reading when the time comes. Research indicates that children who are already familiar with rhyming are better able to detect phonetic constituents of words when it comes time to learn to read. That means children at a younger age will be able to recognize that the word “bat” rhymes with “cat”. They make this connection by detecting the word segment of “at”. Children who are sensitive to rhyming is better able to identify the sounds which rhyming words have in common, and their shared spelling sequence they have when they are written. This enables children to learn how to read better and faster.

When children are made aware that certain words share certain sounds, it prepares them to learn that these words often share spelling too. This is easily taught with nursery rhymes where similar sounding words are used repetitively. Studies show that children who are exposed to nursery rhymes as infants are much more sensitive to rhymes as they learn to read. They are better able to infer things such as “light” and “fight” might be spelled similarly. This means that for every new word a child learns, it lays the foundation for a multitude of similar sounding words and the ability to learn them faster. Overall, good rhyming skills will make for good reading skills.

Other longitudinal studies indicate that class, memory ability, and general intelligence do not affect this; if a child has knowledge of rhymes it will help them to progress with reading faster in school regardless of those factors. The children also stand to receive higher test scores in reading and spelling.

Overall, it is imperative that parents from any background give their child a head start when it comes to reading and writing by introducing them to nursery rhymes at an early age. Rhyming activities and songs should be used in all households around the world.



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