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Having Trouble Getting You Baby To Sleep?

Sleep deprivation when a new baby arrives can have a dramatic effect on a relationship and family life in general. Although parents have little control over a newborns sleep patterns, there are things you can do to ease the stress of lack of sleep. And always remember this phase won’t last forever. Once your little one reaches teenage years you won’t be able to get them out of bed!

Here is a summary of the sleep tips in this audio:-

1. It is quite normal for some babies not to sleep well for the first year , so relax as much as you can, sleep when baby sleeps and don’t set expectations too high.

2 Set a relaxed and enjoyable bedtime routine that both parents share. Include bath, maybe a baby massage, snuggle time, story time, lullaby time. a long feed and a warm bed.

3. Look out for those ‘tired signs’ from baby and begin the bedtime routine. Don’t let baby become bad tempered and over tired as this will lead to a negative bedtime experience for all.

4. Use bedtime music and lullabies to create a positive and soothing environment. Using lullabies can create a cue for baby that bedtime is coming.

5. Use a ‘security object’ such as a blanket or toy can help soothe baby and signal that it is time for sleep. Remember never to use this with young babies who cannot move around on their own and choose their own sleeping position.

6. If you are breastfeeding reduce caffeine intake. If you have a stimulant in your body this will pass to baby and keep them awake!

7. Check that baby is not uncomfortable in any way. Check for dirty diapers and clothing that might be causing discomfort. Make sure baby is not to hot or too cold.

8. Snuggle or swaddle a young baby. Don’t put them to sleep in a cold bed.

9. Try a gentle baby massage before bedtime to relax you and your baby.

10. Soothe baby before bedtime by walking around with baby, rocking them sitting in a rocking chair, singing, reading a story – yes to a newborn too. This puts them is a calm mood ready for sleep.

11. Use dimmer lights to set the right light for the time of day. Keep lights bright in the day and dim at night so baby learns to distinguish between the two.



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