Best Music For Babies To Sleep To

The Best Music For Babies To Sleep To Are Lullabies

It is a proven fact that babies love music and that music can be beneficial in helping babies to fall asleep….and stay asleep!  It is certainly beneficial for all new parents to know what is the best music for babies to sleep to as  incorporating this in the baby’s daily sleep routine can save plenty of anguish on both sides!

There have been plenty of studies made over the years to establish the best music for babies to sleep to without a doubt is classical music and lullabies (also known as cradle songs) as these have been used successfully for generations. Nearly every nationality has lullabies in its culture. For centuries these have been gently and soothingly sung to babies as they are rocked, to help the baby relax and to fall asleep.

Importantly, because the baby falls asleep relaxed and comfortable, he is likely to stay asleep far more easily than a baby who has been stressed and agitated at sleep time and eventually fallen asleep through exhaustion.


Several famous composers have written particular pieces for babies –the most famous being the Brahms Lullaby.

In reality, using a few guidelines, a wealth of classical music can be successfully used – and this may well include you favourite piece which would be an added bonus! The classical piece must be simple, melodic and repetitive. The piece should also be relaxing and soothing and ideally played by a single instrument or small ensemble as the different tomes of a variety of instruments can stimulate your baby rather than relax him. If you do not like classical music, it is worth considering some modern classics like the music of James Galway and Johnny Pearson and if you are still stuck for inspiration for the best music for babies to sleep to, a search online will come up with a wealth of ideas!

Lullabies are a wonderful way to help your baby to fall asleep as they are amongst the best music for babies to sleep to as they have been handed down through the generations in so many families. Lullabies are slow, melodic and repetitive and perfect for singing whilst you gently rock you baby which makes them very special as they help forge the bond between parent and child.

Lullabies too are the best music for babies to sleep to and it has been medically proven that they can influence a baby’s cardiac and respiratory rates in a very beneficial way.  Parents of babies suffering with colic will laugh as they describe the hours spent pacing the floorboards trying to soothe their baby, but it those parents have sung gently and soothingly to their baby as they paced who will have been rewarded with a sleeping baby sooner!

In recent years, there have been new ideas about the best music for babies to sleep to and these have included lovely recordings of sounds from nature that have the same qualities as the perfect type of cradle music. The rhythmic sound of raindrops and of waves on the shore will soon have your baby fighting to keep his eyelids open! There are several recordings of heart beats on the market too as it is known that babies associate this sound with the warmth and security of the womb.

In years to come there will be many new ideas coming on to the market and whilst some will prove very good, classical music and lullabies have both stood the test of time and many parents feel sleepy themselves as the gently sing ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ to their baby as they too fell asleep to this lullaby years ago, when they were a babe in arms…

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