Find out can babies sleep too much and how to stop that happening.                                                                                              

Naturally as parents we probably worry about hmm…everything to do with our children?

It is normal, and being concerned they are sleeping too much is a common concern.

Sure, there are times you will worry if your baby isn’t sleeping enough because heck, you certainly aren’t.

But can babies sleep too much?

However, once you get those nap times down, and that nighttime routine on point, the worry can switch the other way.

Are they now getting too much sleep? Will they learn enough when they sleep so much?

Are they going to build a strong body by sleeping all the time?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone in your concerns.

Here’s some handy information to help answer the question can babies sleep too much?

Safety First

If you are concerned in any way about the health of your baby you should seek medical advice. Don’t be afraid to ask too many questions or get something wrong.

It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to children

Newborn Babies

Newborn babies sleep pretty much, most of the time. They call that first month the fourth trimester because the baby is still sleeping and eating and pretty much nothing else.

Up to three months, as a newborn your baby is also doing a ton of growing which requires lots of energy, and therefore lots of sleep.

You should expect your baby to sleep for up to 18 hours a day and you may even have to wake them up to make sure they eat.

Some babies could even wake up for less than half an hour at a time and sleep the rest of the time. This is all normal.

Sometimes there can be an issue with daytime night time confusion. This is  where your baby is sleeping lots through the day and then being very active at night.

You can help to switch this around with various tips and tricks, some of which you’ll find here.

My Baby Isn’t A Newborn, Are They Sleeping Too Much?

A baby older than 3 months should be sleeping up to 15 hours a day, potentially splitting that up with the bulk at night and then a nap in the daytime

Some babies might sleep 12 hours at night and then enjoy 4 hours worth of naps in the day. This may seem a lot but it is also a lot of rest which is great

Babies need very little to stimulate them and you can easily over stimulate baby. So in the short periods of time they are awake, if they are engaged then they are learning.

As the baby then goes into toddler age at a year, their sleep could decrease. But they could continue to sleep for 12 hours through the night and enjoy a long nap in the day.

It may be that they don’t stop napping in the day for a good few years and continue to be a big sleeper.

Every child is different.

When To Worry

If your baby is older than 6 months and is sleeping as much as a newborn, or your child lacks energy when they are awake and seems fatigued, then a doctors appointment is a good idea.

If your instincts are telling you things aren’t right and they aren’t thriving as you feel they should be, then get some medical advice.

As we mentioned above, safe is better than sorry when it comes to children, especially when they can’t really communicate their feelings and needs to you.

The information above can help you gain a better understanding of how much your child should be sleeping.

Whether your baby is sleeping too much is down to the individual infant

If you are ever concerned do seek advice from your healthcare advisor.

Finally don’t stress over the question can babies sleep too much?

Just relax and enjoy you time with your newborn because time goes very fast.

Your baby won’t be newborn for long.