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Changing A New Baby

Changing your new baby is something you are going to become very familiar with. In fact, you will find yourself changing your baby an average of ten times a day! Since it is going to be one of your most frequent activities, it makes sense that you want to learn how to do it the right way. So let’s take a deeper look at changing your new baby.

One thing to note is that you should always have all of your supplies on hand when changing your baby so that you never have to leave him or her alone on the changing table. This includes a diaper, baby wipes or a cloth and some warm water, baby powder, and diaper cream if your baby has a rash.

Any time you notice that your baby’s diaper is wet or there has been a bowel movement, it is time for a diaper change. Changing your new baby can be intimidating at first, but you will get the hang of it in no time. Just lay your baby on their back and take off the dirty diaper. Then use your wipes or washcloth to wipe the genital and rectal areas clean. Always remember to wipe girls from front to back to help avoid urinary tract infections.

The most common concern with changing a new baby is diaper rash. This appears as little red bumps on your child’s butt or diaper area. This rash occurs because babies have very sensitive skin that can be easily irritated by a wet or soiled diaper. To help prevent this rash, change your baby immediately every time you notice that he or she is wet or has had a bowel movement. There are special creams and ointments available that help provide a barrier against moisture so that diaper rash can heal, and it can soothe your baby to apply this cream at every change until the rash goes away. If the rash is getting worse after three days of proper care, consult your pediatrician to make sure it is not a fungal infection.

Now you have the basics of bathing and changing your new baby. Hopefully this makes these tasks less intimidating or worrisome for you.

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