Fisher Price Baby Songs to Sleep Little Baby Lullaby

1 Hour Popular Nursery Rhyme in the style of Fisher Price

SONGS TO PUT A BABY TO SLEEP lyrics – Baby Lullaby.- Lullabies For Bedtime Fisher Price Style  Hours CLICK HERE for FREE downloads. Are you you looking for  baby music to put babies to sleep, best music to put a baby to sleep, good songs to put a baby to sleep, soft music for baby to sleep, soft music to put baby to sleep, music for baby to sleep  Float off to dreamland. Rocking your baby to this lullaby will help baby drift off to sleep with this lovely Fisher Price style musical lullabies and these wonderful dreamy images of floating above the clouds to the stars and moon beyond. They are very hypnotic even for adults.This is called ‘MY BONNY LIES OVER THE OCEAN and is  great for rocking baby before putting baby down to sleep for the night

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