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Thank you, your book has helped me and my baby sleep through the night.

May Willson
London UK

If you are new to parenting you will find that getting your baby to sleep can be a challenge, but thankfully there are several techniques you can try. Every baby has a different personality and sleep requirements; some babies are great sleepers and stay that way throughout infancy and others end up staying awake more. Here are the first six topics covered in the FREE baby sleep guide, download today and start reading the 19 pages full of tips and advice to help your baby sleep better through the night.

  • Sleeping tips for babies from birth to 3 months

  • When you can expect your baby to sleep longer

  • Setting up a bedtime routine

  • Sleep Training Methods

  • The “No Tears” Method Described in Detail

  • The “Happiest Baby” Method

And a lot more practical information for you to help your baby sleep peacefully through out the night. Why not download this FREE guide now!

Free Brahms Lullaby Video

Plus included with the Best Baby Sleep Guide is one of our most popular lullaby videos ‘Brahms Lullaby with Twinkling Stars’. Babies enjoy listening to peaceful lullaby’s as part of a bedtime routine.


Why Sing Lullabies to your baby?
  • Lullabies lowers the heart beat of babies.
  • Calming tones create a feeling of relaxation.
  • Strengthens the bond with your baby.


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