How To Make A Newborn Sleep Fast

Newborn sleep causes many a sleepless night for new parents!

Most parents hope that bedtime is going to be this angelic moment with their little one. A sweet time of loving affection, deep calm and  sleepy dreaminess.

However, getting a newborn baby to sleep fast is usually troublesome as their biological clocks which don’t start to develop until three months. 

Each child is different, and what works for one might not work for the other. Also, newborns have shorter sleep cycles.

Here are some tried and true hypnotic techniques to help newborn sleep which may help you wave goodbye to the sleepless nights and help the baby doze off fast:

  • Eye fixation and eye fatigue technique for newborn sleep

This is no magic, but works because baby’s eyes get tired and fatiguing eyes makes baby want to close them.

If you make your newborn infant focus on one point, that is above the horizon line, the method  going to work really well.

You make him fix his eye at one point and drop his butt. You can even do this in the crib with putting a mobile above the crib. Don’t  put the whole thing level  with the middle of their face.

Put i  so they just have to look up just a little bit because that’s going to make them close their eyes.

  • Mesmeric hand pass 

Just pass your hand softly over your baby’s face. Repeating it a couple of times, gives a soothing effect and reduces the cortisol level, which makes  baby feel drowsy.

Remember, not to do the hand movement back and forth, in fact you keep coming around and keep going down.

Sometimes you can also stroke the sides of baby’s  face. As you keep performing this, you need to get a little slow each time.

  • Equilibrium Disorientation

This works on newborn sleep through the principle of rapid inductions.

You need to put the baby’s arm on his chest and wiggle their butt which sends the wiggling sensations to head, while keeping it in the crook of your elbow.

Take A Look At This Newborn Sleeep Video:-

  • Frequency Following Effect or Swaying, Rocking and Shushing Your Baby To Sleep

The idea of this is the same as when you tap your foot in beat with music. This works on the principle of binaural beats and brainwave entertainment.

This technique includes everything, i.e. swaying, wiggling, rocking, shushing, rubbing the fingers, etc.

You start with performing everything faster and then slow it down over time.

  • Effect of Aromas on Newborn  Sleep

The aromatic effects of essential oils can do wonders too. Putting some drops of lavender near baby, gives soothing scents.

Put some drops on a tissue, and put the tissue on the floor near the crib, and let it works its magic.

This makes the baby sleep more easily and well.  

Some oils aren’t safe for babies so do check first before you use other oils. 

From wide awake and restless, to gradually more tired, and finally to  sleeping peacefully.

Do not underestimate the power of little techniques to help with newborn sleep. 


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