How To Make Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Baby Sleeping

7 Tips To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

Every parent on earth knows what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a crying baby. You spend your own precious sleep time on trying to make your baby sleep peacefully. It is just one of those things that a mother and father have to deal with, and one which has even been shown to create strains in their love for one another.

So, for the sake of those parents who have spent many sleepless nights, here we have collated some tips on how to make your baby sleep comfortably.

Face The Truth About Baby Sleeping Habits

You simply cannot force a baby into sleeping, just as you cannot force him into eating. What you can do, however, is to create a safe and comfortable environment for the baby to get some rest. You want your baby to develop a healthy attitude about sleeping and that sleep is a pleasant and safe state to go into. Any deviation from this will only lead to your child developing the wrong attitude towards sleeping, which will cause problems when he/she grows up.

Do Not Seek The Advice of ‘Sleep Trainers’

Trusting your own instincts, is the biggest tool you have at your disposal as a parent. Books on parenting, which contain advice on getting baby’s to sleep using ‘special’ techniques, are worth nothing if they do not feel right to you. Most of these promise to make your life a lot simpler, but they are just ordinary methods, which might involve the infamous cry-it-out technique. If it does not feel right to you, do not try it on your baby.

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Maintain a Flexible Approach

You will find that there is no single piece of advice which will work for your baby throughout his early days. As he/she grows up and you evolve as a parent, you will have to try newer methods and allow your lifestyle to vary according to your baby’s needs. Try new night-time parenting styles as your baby enters new stages in his life.

Find Out Where Your Baby Gets The Best Sleep

This is a very important tip. If you want to make your baby sleep peacefully, then you will have to provide him/her with a comfortable spot to rest. Do not be forceful in trying to make him sleep in his room. If the baby is uncomfortable, be flexible enough to allow your baby to sleep in your room and gradually change their habits as they grow older.

Give Your Baby Peace During The Day

A peaceful daytime is likely to lead to a peaceful night-time. Make sure that your baby is calm during the day, and not uncomfortable or unhappy. Baby-wearing is a great way to ensure this – studies have shown that babies who are carried in slings for a few hours during the day tend to sleep better at night.

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Set Good Nap Routines

Ideally, you would want your baby to be sleeping at the same time as you are. So, try to set good nap routines for him. When you are most tired during the day, lie down with your baby so that he can get used to this routine. Furthermore, this will allow you to get better sleep at night, as well.

Feed Your Baby During The Day

growing babies sometimes forget that the daytime is for eating and the night-time is for resting. You need to make sure your baby knows this, so feed them every three hours during the day so that they do not wake up hungry at night. 

The idea is to develop in your baby the positive habits and patterns that will make him get a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, when you make your baby sleep comfortably through the night, you yourself will be able to get that sleep that has eluded you for quite a while.

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