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Are you a new parent and does your baby sleep enough at night? Or have you been having sleepless nights? Your baby doesn’t sleep and doesn’t let you sleep either, right? Have you tried all kinds of lullabies and bedtime stories, and still no progress? If you are experiencing the above, let’s just say, welcome to the world of parenthood. 

Do not give up just yet; there are various other ways through which you can ensure that your baby sleeps through the night or even for a few hours. There are a few tricks and tips, which might help your baby enjoy a few hours of bliss!

Make Schedules and Routines

From an early age, try to set up routines and schedules, so that your child’s body gets immune to a certain lifestyle. Try to give your baby a warm shower before bedtime; rest assured, it would really help relax his/her nerves and would lull your baby to sleep.

Musical Rhythems

Since your infant is new to the unfamiliar surroundings, you need to make sure you create a comfort zone around him/her, one which he/she can relate to. For nine months, your baby has been used to living in your womb, which is why embracing a new environment might seem daunting and terrifying. What you can do to make this transitional period easier for your baby is by playing lullabies, which depict “womb music.” Womb music refers to the familiar sounds of a mother’s heartbeat and of fluids swarming around the embryo. Try playing these lullabies and you will notice a drastic change in the sleeping habits of your child.

Using Music to Help Your Baby Sleep

How To Put a Baby To Sleep Using Music
Using Songs To Put Your Baby To Sleep
How To Use Music To Put Your Baby To Sleep

Baby Massage

Massage Treatments

Make it a habit and devote 10 to 15 minutes of your time to massaging your baby, using mild baby oil. Gently massage your baby’s body before bedtime and make sure you dim the lights. Research reveals that this has had a profound effect on the sleeping habits of infants. If nothing, this will surely help your baby sleep well.

Use Movements

It is a widely acclaimed fact that rocking your baby, to and forth helps him doze off into oblivion. Use a baby hammock, a sling or simply hold your baby close to your chest and rock him, back and forth. The fact is that movements cause fatigue and exhaustion in a baby’s mind and body, this very fact puts him to sleep.

Cover Up Your Baby

As old school as it might seem, curling up your infant in a cotton or woolen sheet, depending on the weather, can offer him safety and security. This would also do away with the jerky and startling movements experienced by babies, especially during the middle of the night. This is not a superstition, it is a scientifically researched fact.

Baby Feeding

Avoid Caffeine

It is not only when you are pregnant that you need to avoid heavy intakes of caffeine, you should avoid it throughout your breast feeding period. Drinking coffee for an instant boost in energy can not only make you active, it can also make your baby agitated, every time you feed him/her. Therefore, if you are a coffee addict, make sure you stock up on de-caff.

Create a Day/Night Ambiance

Your child needs to be taught the difference between day and night. This can only be done if you devote a certain chunk of activities to the two parts of the day. During the day, keep your curtains open, so that it remains bright and shiny. However, at night, dim the lights and create a somber environment, indicating the need to rest and relax. By constant repetition, your baby will soon adapt to these environments and his body will respond to them, accordingly.

Feed Your Baby Before Going To Bed

Every time you go to bed, try to feed your baby. Do not wake him up during the entire process, but gently draw him closer, so that his sleeping pattern can match yours. 

Follow the aforementioned tips and you will eventually discover their usefulness in helping your baby sleep.

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