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Baby Sleep In A few Simple Steps

Baby sleep has always been an important topic for new parents. For babies perhaps the most important aspect, other than nutrition and proper care, is to get enough rest which will make them active and fresh by the time they wake up.

Babies spend most of their time asleep which isn’t surprising because it is a prime requirement for their body’s nourishment and growth.

Parents have to be careful about ensuring that their baby gets a complete night’s rest without any disturbances or restlessness. 

The following steps will guarantee that your baby sleeps peacefully, allowing you to rest your tired eyes as well.

Step One

The first step is to create an environment that is conducive to your baby’s comfort. If the baby is comfortable enough he/she will fall asleep faster.

The pleasant and calming stimulus around the baby will naturally make him/her feel sleepy after sometime and as it becomes a part of their routine; they will come to associate sleep with the comfortable and secure surroundings you have created around them.

At this stage also decide where your baby sleeps best, some babies can sleep in a crib or cot while others sleep best close to parents. If human contact during sleep is important for the baby then don’t compromise their comfort in trying to maintain your own privacy.

In initial stages it might be important to keep their comfort as your first priority.

Another very important part is to have a positive attitude about allowing your baby to sleep naturally without getting frustrated if they cannot sleep.

It will be wise to remember that if you force or scold your baby into sleeping it will make them afraid of sleeping and can cause problems later on in life.

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Step 2

Secondly, along with a positive attitude it is important to have a flexible regimen. This does not mean that you should vary your baby’s sleep timings, but that as parents you are willing to change your style or introduce new approaches which suit your baby’s disposition.

Sometimes solution for baby sleep might be good for you, but it may not help your child.

Try simple things like rocking your baby to sleep, humming, keeping them warm and other such techniques, before you pursue a strict program or guide.

If your baby tends to fall asleep faster through a certain method then adhere to it rather than disturbing their routine with tips from experts.

At the same time you need to be realistic as well and know that some nights sleeping for babies will be harder than the others and you will have to deal with it calmly.

Step 3

Next step should be to introduce some level of discipline in following the methods and techniques which actually work.

This means that having a routine for your baby’s sleep is important. The timings, techniques, and the area where babies sleep should be uniform to some degree.

You can follow two methods with uniformity, the parent soothing method or the self-soothing method. In the parent soothing method you will have to rock the baby or nurse him/her to sleep when the baby is ready.

This way your baby will peacefully fall asleep but he/she will become reliant on being rocked or nursed to sleep. Self-soothing method requires you to put the baby in the crib and let it fall asleep on its own.

This method can be hard for the babies because they might spend some nights crying themselves to sleep; however, it helps in making them less reliant on sleep inducing external stimulus.

Step 4

Other than night-time, you need to focus on following techniques during the day which makes the baby look forward to a complete night’s sleep.

Spending quality time with your baby, feeding him/her on time, giving warm baths or massaging can help babies fall asleep by night time.

Daytime feeding is very important because otherwise the child might end up being hungry and restless at night.

Step 5

Lastly it is important to note if your baby’s sleeplessness is due to some medical condition, in which case seeing a doctor is essential.

Typically, babies with gastroesophageal reflux (GER) might experience heartburn and lack of sleep. Similarly allergies to dairy products and different milk formulas can also contribute to insomnia in babies.

In conclusion it is very important to focus on ways to make your baby sleep in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

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