How To Put A Baby To Sleep Using Music


How To Put A Baby To Sleep Using Music

While you can play just about anything soothing to help your baby fall asleep to music, it is better to plan it first. 

This is because some tricks are prone to helping the baby sleep more effectively as compared to going about randomly.

Understanding how to effectively play music so that your baby can feel comfortable and sleep better can become a helpful technique during the first few years of parenting.

Here’s a list of tips that can help with the process:

Don’t Wait for Night-time:

Once you start the process of using baby music to help your baby sleep, they’ll associate the music with sleeping time.

Listening to music everyday can help your toddler form a connection and get a routine in place.

Moreover, turning on music can help baby sleep more independently themselves as compared to rocking your baby to sleep.

Breast or bottle feeding can also make baby more dependent on the parents to fall sleep when they wake up at night.

Choose a Workable Source:

You can always turn on the baby music on your mobile phone to help the baby fall asleep.

But this technique isn’t exactly helpful since you’ll be needing your phone at any given time and stopping the music to do so can disturb the baby.

Similarly, bluetooth devices can work but again they can become troublesome if you’ve to go out and leave a babysitter or if you receive a call on your phone.

A better options could be to use sources such as downloads or  CDs that you can play for your baby without any worrying and carry around anywhere you go as well.

Choosing Tempo and Style Of Baby Music:

Again, not every type of music is helpful in soothing your baby. Many inexperienced parents would even go for music that has too many beats and is fast.

To help your baby sleep, it is best to go for music options that are slow and soothing that can comfort your baby.

Music with 60-80 beats/minute is found to be the best option since it synchronizes with the rate of the heartbeat and will help calm the baby down and put him/her to sleep.

Anything above this level of beats can disrupt the process and do the exact opposite of what you’re aiming for.

Limiting Lullaby Time:

Music is helpful for babies in the sleeping process. However, playing music the entire night will cause problems such as the baby not going into deep sleep the entire time.

For this reason, it is recommended to set a time duration for lullaby music and let it play during that time but stop it afterwards.

This will not only help the baby sleep better but also won’t cause troubles in the baby’s sleep quality.

Carry Baby Music With You:

Parents have the hardest time when they’re travelling with babies. Since the environment is completely new for the baby, it can disturb the baby in associating their surroundings with sleep time and will make the parents stay up throughout the day due to the baby being disturbed.

Having associated baby music with sleep, you can bring the music you play for your baby with you anywhere you go.

Since your  toddler has already linked sleep to lullaby music it’ll make the process of  baby sleeping  in a new place easier.



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