How To Put A Baby To Sleep With Colic

Colic is the most likely cause when your baby cries for long durations without an apparent reason.

Babies tend to have colic any time during from when they’re two weeks old up to three months old. A baby with colic means that parents stay up all night and as a result are  tired the next day. However, parents can adopt several tricks that can help their baby go to sleep. Why not give them a try?

  • Swaddling Your Baby:

Swaddling is a technique where you tightly wrap the baby with a blanket such that he/she can’t move their arms and legs. While parents might worry about tightening up the cloth too much and their baby being confined, it actually helps the baby give it a feeling of being back in the womb which might help calm the baby down.

  • Turning on White Noise Sounds:

White noise is low-levelled noise that plays as ‘background noise’. Turning on white noise for babies  can again help the baby feel as if they’re in the womb since a baby in the womb hears constant background noise. Washing machines, vacuums, radios, dishwashers, etc. can act as sources for white noise.

  • Regular Baby Massages:

Studies prove that babies who are massaged have an increased sense of calmness and can sleep better. The skin-to-skin contact from the adult to the baby can relax the baby. Parents can massage any part of the baby’s body directly on the skin. For babies suffering from the discomforts of wind , massages on the tummy and movement of the legs can help release the gas and provide relaxation to the  baby.

  • Constant Movement:

Once again, the best solution to a colicky baby is to provide it the environment it had in the womb. This includes constant movement. The baby is used to being in constant movement while in the womb, hence providing movement by car rides, cradling, or carrying the baby on your body with a carrier might help in comforting the baby.

  • Burping Your Baby:

A baby with colic will inhale a lot of air during crying which can result in making the baby uncomfortable with excessive gas. The trick is to release this gas by making the baby burp so that the baby calms down again if gas is the problem. This can be done by rubbing the baby’s back by supporting the baby against your shoulder.

  • If in Doubt Consult a Pediatrician:

If you’re still worried about your baby’s crying, consult a pediatrician. A doctor can perform a checkup on the baby and rule out any possible medical conditions. Mostly, its just a matter of colic for which the doctor can suggest a few tips and tricks and medication if your own aren’t working.

The fact is that the colic problem is just a temporary problem for you and your baby. You just have to get through this short period with the help of the above suggestions.

Try this Baby White Noise Video from Best Baby Lullabies to help your baby go to sleep. It really does work!

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