How To Use Lullabies As Part Of Your Baby Bedtime Routine

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Use Lullaby Music As Part of Baby Bedtime Routine

Whilst it is true that newborn babies sleep on average 16-18 hours a day and a three month old baby still averages 15 hours, most babies need help sometimes to happily be able to fall asleep and baby sleep lullaby music can certainly help relax and soothe infants as part of their bedtime routine.

The difficult thing for new parents is that their baby does not necessarily sleep at night and stay awake during the day – this is because babies cannot tell the time nor have they read the baby manuals! Whilst parents know that they are unlikely to get too much sleep until their baby has got into a good sleeping pattern. Using baby sleep lullaby music to get their baby to sleep quickly and for longer, has to be a bonus!

There is plenty of information for new parents about establishing a good bedtime routine as this clearly signals to the baby that they will soon be going to sleep. Experts recommend that this routine takes about 30 minutes and should follow a set pattern such as bath, followed a clean nappy and bedclothes, followed by a milk feed and baby sleep lullaby music before the baby is placed in his cot. Once you have placed baby in his cot it is good to continue singing the lullaby at the same speed, pitch and volume until your baby is sound asleep. Always check that your baby is neither too hot nor too cold. Some babies like to be swaddled in a sheet or shawl as they feel more secure this way.

Learn To Sing Lullabies To Your Baby

Learning to sing baby sleep lullabies can be fun and often nostalgic as it might trigger memories from your own childhood. There are so many different types of baby sleep lullaby music that it is well worth learn a few different ones and seeing if your baby has a favourite! The main thing to remember is that lullabies (also known as cradle music) have been specially designed to help babies sleep and they are all simple, melodic and repetitive.

Lullabies should be sung slowly and quite quietly in a warm soothing way that helps your baby relax and there is no need to worry if you forget the words, simply hum the melody. Lullabies can be found in many different countries and have existed since ancient times and have definitely been proven to work by countless different studies that have also  found that they have many positive effects on babies as they calm and soothe the infant.

Baby sleep lullaby music is best sung by a parent as it means you can soothe your baby wherever you are and help ease them into sleep even somewhere strange and different. Needless to say, there are various apps you can get for Smartphones that can play all the different lullabies – and more – but it is worth considering that when you sing a lullaby to your baby you are sharing a very special time with him. It is an important bonding time to share together as your baby relaxes listening to your soothing songs and lullabies shared between parents and their babies certainly ensure that everyone sleeps well!

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