How To Use Music To Put You Baby To Sleep

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Baby to sleep music can be used to established an important bedtime routine.

Establishing a good sleep pattern for your young baby is very important for both of you,  as your baby will wake refreshed and happy and although your sleep pattern will be broken, the ease with which you resettle your baby will mean that you spend the minimum length of time in the nursery. 

Even at six weeks of age, a baby will have started developing sleeping habits and should be guided by you! Parents should be careful what they include in the sleep routine because babies soon expect to be rocked to sleep if they have been rocked for the first six-eight weeks or expect your company if they have not been encouraged to settle to sleep on their own. Luckily using baby sleep music is an easy habit to continue and has definite bonuses of helping your baby to relax and fall asleep more quickly. It plays a special role in the bonding process between you and your baby.

There is a wide choice of baby  sleep music with classical music and much loved lullabies being the favourites. Carefully chosen pieces of classical music that are slow with a repetitive melody and played by one instrument or small ensemble can work really well and can be used as part of the sleep routine wherever you are. Of course, if you have the music on your Smartphone it is imperative that your phone is always charged!  

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Lullabies are even easier to use as these can be sung by parents to their baby.

Lullabies are also slow with repetitive melodies and words and sung soothingly to your baby can be very effective. Some parents combine singing with rocking their baby in their arms and whilst this is an absolutely wonderful feeling and a great bonding experience, after just a short time your clever baby will expect both lullabies and rocking each time so think this through carefully!

Success with establishing a good sleep routine for your baby is easier for parents who understand their baby’s sleep pattern. New born babies spend up to 16 hours asleep and are only awake for a couple of hours at a time. They are likely to wake two-three times a night at this stage as they only sleep three/four hours at a time before they need another feed.

Watch for Babies Tired Signs

It is important for parents of new babies to learn to recognise when their baby is tired and to lay them down to sleep rather than let them get too tired. Even at this early stage, emphasise should be placed on creating a bedtime routine to help your baby learn the difference between day and night because by six months, many babies are sleeping for longer periods at night – which has to be good news for Mummy and Daddy!

The daytime sleeping routine can be relatively quick as most babies feel sleepy after their feed and nappy change and will not need too much encouragement to enjoy a nap. To help baby make the transition from being awake to falling asleep  using  baby sleep music or a lullaby could pay dividends!

Experts suggest that a good bedtime routine should last about 30 minutes – but no longer – and include a bath, changing into night clothes, fresh nappy and a feed. At this stage, baby  sleep music of your choice can be used to help your baby to relax and drift off to sleep quickly.

When he wakes in the night, keep things very quiet and calm: feed him, change his nappy and begin the baby to sleep music again . Very shortly afterwards your baby will be drifting off to sleep and as you slip back under your bed covers you will realise the music has worked on you too!

Sleepy Angel Lullabies

Sleepy Angel Lullabies

Sleepy melodies and relaxing tones help your babies bedtime routine and prepare her for sleep time. Enjoy our calming baby sleep music with your baby to create a  peaceful bedtime every night. Sweet Dreams From Best Baby Lullabies. Listen now! Stream On:

Goodnight Little Star Lullabies

Goodnight Little Star Lullabies

We compose music in a wide range of music styles which is written especially with babies and children in mind to help calm, relax and soothe even when it is not bedtime or naptime. Our nature sounds with rain,ocean waves,birdsong music  for example can be listened to,...

Night Night Lullaby

Night Night Lullaby

Playing baby sleep music as part of your bedtime routine can help your baby sleep properly and consistently, plus it is highly important to have a routine for sleep and naps. This is important so that your baby can naturally develop the tendency to follow a good...

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