Baby Using Computer

Your baby’s brain develops most between the ages of birth and three. During this time, your new baby’s brain is in a very formative stage. It is during this stage that a majority of brain development takes place.

The First Year

During the first year, newborns gain many abilities. For example, they can differentiate between happy and sad facial expressions and can recognize familiar human faces. A newborn can also recognize its mother’s voice. By the time your baby is two or three months old, he or she will begin watching people as they walk across the room. By six months, your baby can recognize your face in a group of adults. Throughout this first year, the brain will continue developing, with the cerebellum tripling in size due to the quick development of motor skills also occurring during this time. The visual area of the brain’s cortex will also grow, changing the baby’s limited vision into full binocular vision.

Thanks to major growth in the hippocampus, your baby’s ability to recognize people and objects will increase dramatically around the age of three months. During this first year, the language circuits also develop and consolidate and your baby is initially able to distinguish between the sounds of the language her brain is wired for and a foreign language.