Mother massaging babyMassage Your Baby
This is a great activity for babies of all ages. You can use vegetable oil to keep from chafing the skin, and simply massage your baby using small circular movements. You will find that this not only increases parent-child bonding, but that it also helps promote body awareness in your little one.
Exercise Your Newborn
We aren’t talking about cardio or anything, but gently exercising your baby’s legs by moving them up and down or side to side can have numerous benefits. It is excellent for your baby’s physical development and body awareness and can also help promote better motor coordination.
These are all fantastic activities that can help boost different areas of your child’s development. Now let’s take a look at some ways to boost your child’s senses.
Engage in Sensory Play
Sensory play helps your child’s five basic senses develop more fully. Babies come into a world that is filled with new sensory experiences, and they are not yet certain what to make of everything. The following activities can help your baby enjoy his or her senses while teaching them more about things like color, taste, smell, and texture.
Visual Play
Newborns are only able to see about eight inches in front of them, so visual play can be limited until your child is a few months old. Some ideas for visual play with small babies include pointing out colors and shapes using colored blocks, toys, or even by pointing out things in nature when you go for a walk.