Baby Sleep Training Methods - Why You Should Never Use Them

baby sleep with mother


Every one wants a simple system that works and baby sleep is no different.

Some so called baby sleep ‘experts’ exploit this human need and come up with ‘systems’ and methods for baby sleep which they can sell to us as the way to solve all our problems. Even the word ‘training’ when used in the same sentence as baby fills me with horror. Babies were not born to be ‘trained’ into a system which suits parents.

As for baby sleeping on demand to suit parents – think about it.

Whilst in the womb a baby sets it own rhythms ‘in sync’ with its mother to some degree. Baby sleeps when he need to. Baby is warm, bathed in soothing warm liquid,  perfectly fed through the umbilical cord, rocked by the mothers movements and hears the sound of the mothers heartbeat and body.


The baby is then born into a world where food supply is no longer constant.

The soothing sounds and smells of the womb have gone, the feel of clothes replace the warm fluid which ‘clothed’ the baby before. The sudden change is dramatic. Baby is immediately expected to fit in with life outside the womb and to be trained in to conforming to the parents wishes – particularly in  the area of sleep.

Parents are given baby sleep information which basically makes them slaves to a routine

It confines them inside the house from 6.00 p.m it seems, when the bedtime ritual has to start. Another issue is that many so called baby sleep methods are there simply to make money for the author. None of these ever worked for me. My life was too flexible and I wanted to go out with my baby.As the mother of three children I can tell you that I believed all this nonsense when my first came along. He didn’t sleep much and preferred to take naps little and often so I tried to sleep train him.


Only once did I leave him to cry – for about three minutes while I sobbed more than him, outside his door.

I will never forget the physical pain I felt and the uncontrollable urge to comfort him. I never tried it again. Eventually  when he was about three months old I discovered by accident one afternoon when cleaning his room as he played in his cot, that the sound of vacuum cleaner sent him to sleep.

Best baby Lullabies is born 

So I began using sounds and music to relax and distract him from the wonderful things that he wanted to stay awake for so that he and me could get some much needed sleep! It worked! It worked really well. We started Best Baby Lullabies to bring the amazing gift of music to all parents ti help them put baby to sleep peacefully and without force.

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