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It is believed that the lyrics to this poem came to being in the times of Queen Elizabeth 1 who lived between 1553 and 1603.  During her reign, there were a lot of conflicts between England and Spain. In fact, there were regular battles and exchange of words. This led to the launch of the Spanish Armada in the year 1588 where Spanish army invaded England. The armada was a very major occasion as more than 100 ships were used which were led by the Duke of Medina Sedonia. From the England’s side, the number of vessels was smaller. It numbered about 30 ships and was led by Admiral Lord Howard. More than 160 armed merchant ships were also used. The Spain side lost the battle and only 60 Spanish ships returned home. It was during this period of time that this poem was developed.


Rain Rain Go Away Lyrics


The original version is:

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day

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