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While many of the common nursery rhymes had a very long history, the fact is that this one does not have a very long history. Its history is closely associated with the teddy bear. In fact, you should know that teddy bears have been in use for quite some time. They are actually the best gifts that you can ever give to a baby or a girlfriend. The first teddy bear was developed back in the early 1900s by the Ideal Novelty Company in America. In fact, while many people have teddy bears, only a small number knows the origin of the name. The name teddy bear came from the then President of USA by the name of Theodore Roosevelt who was nicknamed teddy. When he was in a bear hunting trip, Roosevelt ordered the killing of a bear that was cornered by a member of the team.


Round and Round the Garden Lyrics


The original version is:

Round and round the garden
Like a teddy bear.
One step, two step,
Tickle you under there

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