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One of the oldest rides for children was called the seesaw. This product was made from different logs which were of different sizes. Therefore, as the children played with the seesaw, they used to sing loudly a couple of songs. One of them was Seesaw Marjorie Daw which was very common back in the days. Many people believe that the song was developed by someone called Seesaw Marjorie. However, other people don’t believe in this as there was no special person documented with such a name. Therefore, they suggest that the song was just fir rhyming purposes. While the song is very good and was enjoyed, a quick look at the song will show that child labor was practiced in the time. Back them child labor was used in the sense that the children were used to work and kept being paid low wages (just a penny per day).  Therefore, the song was used by a child who did not like the vicinity of the home and child labor.


Seesaw Marjorie Daw Lyrics

A more modern version is:

See Saw Margery Daw,
Jacky shall have a new master;
Jacky shall earn but a penny a day,
Because he can’t work any faster

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