newborn baby asleepThe cry it out method might seem a bit difficult for new parents to try, as it can be hard to let your baby shed tears while you wait, but once he are at the appropriate age of four to six months he will be ready, and the exact age will depend on the child and other factors like whether night weaning has begun. Implementing the cry it out method is pretty straightforward, and if you aren’t sure if it is the right time always consult with your baby’s doctor first or wait for a while longer before starting.

Put your baby to sleep while he is still slightly awake
The first step is to put your baby to sleep while he is starting to get sleepy but is also still alert after a basic nighttime routine such as a bath and feeding. You give your baby a light pat on the back and say goodnight and put him to sleep. Then you leave the room right away before your baby falls asleep. You can expect there to be crying right away, but you know that he will be crying and you should wait five full minutes before going back in and resist the urge to rush in.

It will be the longest five minutes of your life but as soon as the five minutes are up you can go back in and repeat the same routine – give your baby a light pat and tuck him back in. It works well to alternate between mom and dad for this, as your baby will associate mom with feedings and it may make it more difficult.

Essentially you repeat this over and over, and if you need to spend more time away while your baby cries you can do this on each progressive night. Extend the time by a few minutes every night, and most parents find that within four to seven days that the crying diminishes quite a bit. The hope is that within four to seven days your baby will cry a little bit and protest but quickly fall asleep without you having to go back into the room at all.

Try a cry it out method for at least a few weeks

It can be tough if you aren’t seeing good results with a cry it out method because of the extra crying and the trouble of having to go in and out of your baby’s room, but you should try it for at least a few weeks before switching routines up again. No tears methods can also be tried for longer periods of time without as much stress on parents, but the lack of sleep that can accumulate is a major consideration and can lead to additional stress. You can alternate between different methods but don’t make major adjustments to your sleep training decisions all at once; any changes should always be gradual.