baby boy asleep with teddy bearThe “cry it out” sleep training method is the main alternative to the “no tears” method and it involves a different approach to getting your baby to sleep – by letting her cry for a period of time, while you make sure that there is nothing actually wrong, and letting her fall back to sleep without you stepping in.  There are many sleep experts who feel that this approach can be very effective at getting a baby to fall asleep without creating dependency, and many parents have tried this method with success.

Don’t worry about sleep training methods

Many new parents can be a bit worried about sleep training methods like the “cry it out” method because it goes against the parental instinct to take care of your baby in some ways. You should not be worried about trying a cry it out method for a few weeks or even longer, especially if you have tried a no tears method without much luck. A cry it out method can actually work well in several circumstances and may be what your baby would respond best to, but most parents prefer to try a no tears method first to see if that will work, as there will generally be less stress for the parents if they decide to go that route.

The purpose of a cry it out method isn’t abandonment

Parents should understand that the purpose of a cry it out method is not abandonment, but it is a controlled method to get a baby to learn how to “self sooth”. A self-soothing baby will simply fall back to self without needing any attention after a short period of crying, but the skill has to be learned with practice in the vast majority of cases.

Some cry it out methods don’t involve the use of an extensive routine (just a basic routine) to get your baby to sleep, because some sleep experts suggest that if your baby needs you there to perform an extensive routine for sleep that you will also have to be there every single time she needs to get back to sleep after waking up. Self-soothing can definitely be taught and there are many parents who have had success with this type of sleep training, so you should have faith that it is possible.

You won’t need to start until your baby is 4 months old

You won’t need to have to worry about starting the cry it out sleep training method until your baby is anywhere from four to six months old, and you can even try some of the no tears sleep training methods sooner than that as recommended by your pediatrician. Before your baby is four months old you will have to be more attentive to her needs during the night, but the cry it out sleep training method can be worth trying out once other methods have not worked and once she is at the appropriate age.