baby asleep with father

The “No Tears” Method Described in Detail

The “No Tears” method is a popular method of sleep training that has several different approaches, and this method involves training your baby to sleep without letting him cry for an extended period of time. The no-tears method has been proven to be effective in many different situations, and truthfully there is no “right” sleep training method that works for all babies. The sleep training method that you decide on should be based on what you think your baby will respond to, and what you feel okay with as a parent.

Some babies respond well to the no tears method because it incorporates bonding and comfort, other babies may not respond to this method at all. Personality differences between babies end up the difference as to what type of sleep training method works the best. If you aren’t sure if the no tears or cry it out method will work the best, just pick one and try it out and if it doesn’t work you can always switch things up. As a new parent you may find that your first born child responds well to a no tears method, while your next child may not respond well at all for instance, so don’t be worried if it one method doesn’t seem to work at all.

Why Use the No Tears method?
The no-tears method has become a popular sleep training method for parents who don’t want to let their children cry unattended for any period of time. It is based on the idea that babies respond well to nurturing, closeness, and physical attention. Those who argue for the no tears method say that the cry it out method is too unnatural, and the no tears method helps to maintain and establish trust. The no tears sleep training method is usually organized around a nighttime ritual where the needs of your baby such as feeding and playtime are attended to prior to sleep.


The no tears method may be also more natural for parents who believe that their baby’s needs should be attended to quickly. Some proponents of the no tears method say that the cry it out method can create negative associations that can possibly be traumatic, and others disagree and say that the no tears method creates too much dependency. In general, a lot of parents feel more comfortable starting with a no tears method before a cry it out method, especially new parents, so if you aren’t sure you should probably start with a no tears sleep training method.


There are several approaches to the no tears method. Some experts recommend that there is no “one size fits all” approach and suggest that you should try different forms of bonding such as nursing, patting and rocking to get your baby to sleep. Other experts say that you shouldn’t nurse or pat or rock your baby too much and instead simply pick him up when the crying starts and putting him back to sleep once it stops, as a kind of middle ground between the no tears method and the cry it out method.