baby asleepThere are several strategies you can try to help you with the cry it out method and improve the chance that it might work for your family. There are also some unique considerations for the cry it out method that you will have to keep in mind, as you don’t always want to ignore your baby’s cries during the night.

Don’t sleep train when your baby is sick

If your baby is sick you should postpone your sleep training, and your pediatrician will also suggest the same thing. You will need to attend to your baby during the evenings if she wakes up and make sure that everything is okay. Also, your baby won’t respond well to sleep training when sick, so put a hold on the sleep training for a while and don’t worry because it won’t affect your baby’s sleep cycle.

Don’t let it burn you out

If you think that the cry it out method you are trying is not working and it’s causing stress on you, don’t ignore that stress. You don’t need to suffer for the purpose of sleep training; any method that you try should be natural and feel natural. There are plenty of no tears methods that you can try that may work a lot better for you and your baby, so if you are stressed you might give it just a few more days and if you don’t see results go ahead and make a switch.

Be patient with the cry it out method

The cry it out method more than anything requires patience, and the week or two that it takes to work might be the longest few weeks of your life, but the end result is that your baby will have a very valuable skill that will make both of you less stressed and happier. Your baby will be able to sleep without needing you present and you will usually find a lot fewer nighttime wake ups. But you have to be willing to go through those few days of discomfort with this particular method, and if that doesn’t sit well with you don’t worry, there are plenty of other methods.

Use a team approach

Both parents should definitely be involved in a cry it out sleep training method; it’s very hard on just one parent. You should alternate putting your baby back to sleep and do something fun in the meantime to reduce the stress levels like playing a card game or watching a movie (on low volume of course). If one partner is feeling burned out let the other one take the job for a while; make adjustments as you see fit in order to make the first few days of the method as manageable as possible

Make any adjustments that you want

You can discuss adjustments to any of the cry it out methods with your doctor and there is no such thing as a method that is set in stone. Adjust it as you would like for your particular family; if you want to reduce the waiting periods between putting your baby back to sleep feel free to do so, and increase the waiting periods at a rate that you are comfortable with.