What Are The Origins Of Lullabies For Babies?

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It seems like baby lullabies have been with us since the beginning of time.

Mothers have always found ways to soothe their babies to sleep with soft singing or humming of songs, either made up by them or passed onto them through generations. The culture of many nations is threaded into these kinds of songs , and the motion of putting children to sleep with baby lullabies seems almost like a ritual that comes easy to everyone, not only the mothers.

If you put your baby in the arms of someone else than you, their first reaction will be to swing it and sing it a song. Baby lullabies are almost instinctual to us as humans, and because of that, they are one of the first methods of communication with the baby.

One of the first know baby lullabies dates back from 2000 BC, and most of those first songs tell a tale of danger and fear, with the wish to will the baby into falling asleep before something bad happens or telling them they are kept safe from such horrors.

Even the word ‘’lullaby’’ is believed to originate from the Hebrew words translating to ‘’Lilith be gone’’, probably in relation to the story about a folklore character stealing the children. As serious as their themes might seem, baby lullabies have been created with the idea to give the baby a feeling of ultimate security, to relax it and thus soothe to sleep.

Some babies and even small children find them more helpful when played all night, that is why it is great to give a listen to this YouTube compilation of one of the best baby lullabies available here. It is handy as it lasts for eight hours so you don’t have to worry about it ending before the baby wakes up, and it can be played easily, from a phone, a tablet, or other device at hand.

Bedtime lullabies to Stream

Bedtime lullabies to Stream

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Stream Sleepy Angel Bedtime Lullabies

Stream Sleepy Angel Bedtime Lullabies

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Stream Goodnight Little Star Lullabies

Stream Goodnight Little Star Lullabies

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Baby Sleep Music

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