What Is A Baby Lullaby And How Do They Help Baby Sleep?

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Have you ever wondered what a baby lullaby is ?

Although it may seem obvious at a first glance, not every song that is meant for small children or babies, for that matter, are suited to be called baby lullabies.

A baby lullaby is, first and foremost, a soothing song with a purpose of helping the baby fall to sleep. It can be sung, hummed, or played. Those that are lullabies can’t be any complicated or energetic songs that are usually found created for children, but only those that are as relaxing as meditation music is for adults.

A song that is a baby lullaby should have a simple melody and not many voices involved, with the possibility for repetition. This is why baby lullabies are often easily remembered and passed on from generation to generation.

A baby lullaby is also an interesting element of culture, as every tradition has their own baby lullabies that tell stories of the people belonging to it. Interestingly, a lot of those are difficult tales of fear, because a lullaby has an intention of reassuring the baby, through music as the only means of communication that it is in secure hands.

As there are a lot of lullabies to choose from in the world, finding the best ones can be a difficult task. Luckily, you can check out a great selection of best baby lullabies on YouTube, like the one here, a soothing melody you will all enjoy.

You can also just memorize the melody. What’s great about that is that you can create your own text to go with it. In your own words, you can teach them about the world, tell them how much you love them, and perhaps even create a new baby lullaby to be passed down by your descendants. This way, you will create an even stronger bond with your baby.

Stream Night Night Lullaby For Baby

Stream Night Night Lullaby For Baby

Best Baby Lullabies most popular lullaby is now available to stream using most digital streaming platforms. Below are direct links to the most favoured platforms. If the streaming platform you use is not listed, please search 'Best Baby Lullabies Night Night Lullaby'...

Little Angel Lullaby Stream

Little Angel Lullaby Stream

Little Angel Lullaby Stream from Best Baby Lullabies Sleeping can be a troublesome matter for most new parents because they expect babies to  sleep at night like adults and be awake during the day. In reality babies have erratic sleep patterns and it is not surprising...

Sweet Baby Dreams Lullaby

Sweet Baby Dreams Lullaby

Playing lullabies to your baby at bedtime can help relax soothe her, if you are holding your baby, slowly rocking him will help too as this movement replicates the comforting movement the baby experienced in the womb. If you don’t want to sing, slowly hum the melody...

Baby Sleep Music

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