What Kind Of Music Should I play For Baby At Bedtime?

What is The Best Music For Baby Bedtime?

The music you choose for baby bedtime  needs to have a slow steady beat with a repetitive harmonic rhythm as this will soothe your baby and of course, the volume should not be too high! It is best to avoid any pieces with vocals as these can excite and distract as can music played by a full orchestra with a range of instruments and pitches – far better to opt for a lovely relaxing piece played by a single instrument or a small ensemble – chamber music can be the perfect choice.

Every parent wants their baby to relax and enjoy his daytime nap or bedtime sleep as they know that their child will wake bright and bubbly rather than tired and fractious and whilst their baby sleeps they have the chance to catch up on jobs or relax in the company of their partner and other children. Knowing the best sleepy music for babies to sleep gives parents a distinct advantage! 

It has been known for generations that the best sleepy music for babies to sleep can be very effective in helping babies to relax and to fall asleep easily. Music should be a part of the sleep time routine that you establish for your baby as they soon learn that a feed, a cuddle and lullaby herald their sleep time! Babies should have fresh nappies before they rest and their clothes should be non-restrictive and their bed covers neither too hot nor too cold .Many younger babies find it easier to sleep when they have been wrapped in a shawl or blanket ( this is ‘swaddling’ the baby) as they feel safe and secure. As you lay your baby in their cot you can start playing the music … you will be delighted to see how quickly your baby falls asleep.

The best sleepy music for babies is certainly a point for discussion! Several famous composers including Brahms and Mozart have written pieces particularly for babies, but pieces by many of the great composers are highly suitable! Music should be chosen carefully as there are several points to consider! 

Baby Loves Classical Music

Luckily parents can choose their own favourite composers for the best sleepy music for babies to sleep. J.S Bach’s compositions for keyboard and solo cello are worth considering as are Mozart’s works for both the harp and flute but there are lovely pieces by Haydn, Vivaldi, Corelli and many more that will soon have your tired baby drifting off to sleep!

Once you have chosen the best sleepy music for babies to sleep, you may well feel slightly concerned about your baby sleeping somewhere other than at home. Luckily modern technology can play a key role in helping you maintain the ‘sleep routine’ wherever you and you will be able to play the music in the car, at friends’ and on holiday so that getting your baby to sleep needn’t become tricky. There are apps that can be used on your smartphone that can be used to record your chosen pieces of music or even you humming the melody making it easy to play the music wherever you are. One amusing smartphone app that is available, not only records your chosen pieces of sleepy music for your baby, it has a built in alarm in case you fall asleep before your baby!

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Baby Sleep Music

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