When Babies are Exposed to Music Their Brains Change

When babies are exposed to music, their brains change. Music does improve moods and reduce stress levels. The reason why they are the best to reach when you want your baby to feel relaxed, calm and ready to sleep. Lullabies help children at a young age to get in touch with their emotions.

In fact, music releases a healthy dose of endorphins, the so-called ‘happiness hormone.’ This hormone has long-lasting benefits such as extending their personality traits, like becoming more optimistic and raising their motor skills (encouragement to grip and squeeze objects). This is very useful for their development.

The reason why parents should introduce music to their babies is that it has many positive effects on the brain:

– There is a part of the brain in the limbic system, which is responsible for the emotional responses to music. The emotional part of the brain is being stimulated by the music, more so than the reading stimulus, this is decreasing the arousal level, and that in turn is reducing the pain response levels.

  • Firing up several areas in it, which are responsible for linguistic and mathematical precision.
  •  Stimulates the formation of brain chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin. When these are released, children are encouraged to share toys, empathize and can even trust others more. 
  •  Developing the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain, which allows messages to get across the brain faster and across different routes, and that, is how the boost of concentration skills and productivity happens.

Music has a great impact in literacy, numeracy, physical development, gross motor coordination (such as running and jumping), as well as social and emotional development (learn how to gain confidence, resist negative social pressure and manage stress and anxiety).

When putting music to a child, it develops his or her spatial intelligence – laying the ground for an interest in mathematics, engineering, computer science and architecture. Apart from leading the babies to a calm and a kind personality trait, music improves indeed their vocabulary and creativity as well.

The exact reason why parents can count on lullabies to engage their children in healthy atmospheres.


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