Why Do Babies Fall Asleep To Music?


You might be wondering why do babies fall asleep to music? 

It All Depends On How Your Baby’s Brain Works

Sleep is an important element of a baby’s development. There are a number of reasons why babies fall asleep and develop better sleeping patterns listening to music.

While a baby’s brain gradually develops as he gets older, a normal healthy baby has a brain that can  perform the basic functioning while it grows a huge amount in the first years of life. 

This means that while there is difference in size between an adult’s brain and a baby’s brain, your baby’s brain still responds to music from birth and even before.

That’s why babies fall asleep to music too! It responds in a somewhat similar way as an adult brain does. We all love soothing music or a lullaby at bedtime and so does baby.

This means bedtime music also  helps the baby fall asleep to the music.

Music Has Psychological Effects in the Baby’s Brain

A baby’s brain gradually develops especially during the first few years of life.

A part of the human brain, the auditory cortex brain, is responsible for absorbing sounds, languages and music and developing the cortex accordingly.

The absorption of sounds, specifically soothing sounds, has a beneficial impact on the baby when he/she is about to sleep.

The baby’s body will eventually start to absorb the music and respond to it in a way that their body comes into rhythm with the music. That’s why the 3/4 time rhythm of a lullaby works so well.

Plus, the baby’s brain has  a relaxing environment away from the sounds of the daily hustle and hence provide comfort and relaxation to the baby.

It has proved to have such advantages that medical studies are advising mothers to play music for their babies while still in the womb.

Music Creates a Relaxing Environment Before Baby Goes To Sleep

A baby needs an environment with complete relaxation to establish a proper sleeping pattern.

After a baby is born he can have experiences which can sometimes become an overload on the baby’s still-developing brain.

For this reason, putting a baby to sleep with baby music music provides a calm environment where the baby can fully relax and sleep better.

Music can help form the basis of association and familiarity for your baby.

This will gradually help the infant understand that the music means it’s time to sleep.

This is done by establishing and familiarizing the baby with a sense of routine. By listening to relaxing lullaby sleep music every time you’re about to put your baby to sleep you can link baby music to sleep time,

Lullaby music will also help calm the baby in the sense that the baby will start to connect the music to the security of their sleeping area, away from the disturbances of everyday life.

Not only does music help make the baby sleep but it comes with additional advantages as well. Next time your baby just won’t sleep, try a lullaby song.

Baby will love it and that’s why babies fall asleep to music.  

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