Best Sleep Time Music for Baby Bedtime

Babies and Young Children Love Music!

Over the generations, they have been amused by musical crib mobiles, car cassettes and DVDs, music on children’s television and importantly all types of sleep time music for babies.

Babies particularly enjoy soothing classical music and lullabies and these are both the perfect sleep time music for babies. Babies are usually only awake for a few hours at a time and during these periods, bright melodic tunes and songs can be very stimulating for them.  Babies enjoy the experience even more if they are cuddled by a parent gently humming the tune as they walk around, dust or vacuum!

If you are a classical music fan, your baby will love to hear the music too and will find melodic orchestral pieces very stimulating as even at a young age they can understand the pitches of different instruments.

Sleep time music for baby can also be a selection of well loved classical pieces but these must be carefully chosen to ensure that the music soothes and relaxes you baby so that he can easily fall asleep. There are a number of pieces that have been written by well known composers specifically as lullaby music for babies but if you prefer, you can try playing your own favourites works.

The best music has a slow, simple and repetitive melody – preferably played on a single instrument, rather than several. The perfect example of this must be the Brahms’ Lullaby!

 A good alternative to classical music is modern instrumental music such as James Galway or pan pipe music, but again, choose pieces that have simple and repetitive melodies. Modern suggestions to help babies sleep include rhythmic sounds from nature and melodic selections of white noise..

baby and puppy asleep

Many people think of lullabies when sleep time music for babies is mentioned

This is because traditional lullabies sung by parents to their baby have been used for centuries in most countries around the world- with great success. It is fun to ask parents and other relatives to share their favourite lullabies with you and because they have simple tunes and repetitive words, they are easy to learn.

Lullabies can be used from early days to calm and soothe your baby and prepare him for sleep. Many pregnant women have used both instrumental music and lullabies to soothe their baby before he is born.

Lullabies are the easiest type of sleep time music for baby because they can be used any place any time to soothe your baby and prepare him to sleep. Lullabies can be used on their own as you place you baby in his cot or whilst you rock him your arms.

There is no right or wrong way, the only point to remember is that if you incorporate  both in your baby’s sleep time routine, by the time he is about six weeks, he will have understood that they are part of the sleep routine and demand both every time!

Many parents feel that singing lullabies to their baby is so special that they happily do so, knowing that it helps them to bond with their baby and enjoy treasured moments with them and that the lullabies  will really help their baby to relax and fall asleep and  restoring peace to the household.

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