The best white noise for baby sleep sounds like the noises that your baby hears in the womb.

Before birth your baby hears his mothers voice, heart beat, digestion sounds and all sorts of noises from the outside environment.

The possibilities for baby white noise are wide and range from nature sounds  such as rain and waterfalls to the sounds of a hair dryer for example.

Be sure not to play white noise too loud or too close to baby’s ears. And NEVER ever put headphones on a baby!

Here we have 10 different white noise videos perfect for baby sleep time.

One: Baby White Noise Vacuum Cleaner 8 Hours 

 This white noise video is 8 hours long so it will last all night long. The sound of a vacuum cleaner is great for putting a baby to sleep. Try is out for yourself. Make sure not to play is too loud though. You don’t want to damage baby’s ears. 

Two: Baby White Noise Rain Sounds With Lullaby Music

This two hour white noise video has a combination of rain sounds with a lovely lullaby melody called Night Night. 

Three: Baby White Noise Hair Dryer Sound

Babies love the sound of a hair dryer and it is really effective at putting baby to sleep. Having a video means you can have the sound for longer without having to use a real hair dryer.


Four: Baby Heartbeat Ultrasound White Noise 

This video mimics the sound of a heartbeat that your baby might hear inside the womb


Five: Baby White Noise Sound of Rustling Leaves

This video has six hours of the gentle and soothing sound of autumn leaves blowing across the floor. It is a supe soothing and relaxing sound.

Six: Heartbeat Sounds as Baby White Noise 

This baby white noise video has the sounds of a mothers heartbeat as your baby might hear inside the womb.

Seven: The Sounds Of  The Ocean as Baby White Noise

The nature sounds of the sea waves make the perfect soothing baby white noise. Ocean sounds are super relaxing for parents at bedtime too. 

Eight: Baby White Noise Car Journey Sounds

Going for  drive in the car with your baby is a great way to put a baby to sleep. However when the movement stops your baby is likely to wake up again! This white noise video has the sound without the movement. 

Nine: Fan Sounds 

Fan sounds make great sleep sounds and save on electricity too! Give it a try and see.

Ten: Pure Baby White Noise

This pure white noise video for baby sounds harsh at first but it is very effective at shushing a baby to sleep. Make sure it is not too loud though as it could hurt baby’s ears. 

Pure white noise for baby