How To Get A Newborn To Sleep In A Crib

Baby and Parents Room-sharing Concept

During the earliest days of baby’s life, parents choose to make them sleep along with them. By time, they prefer to room-share. Room sharing is placing your infant’s cot in one’s own bedroom instead of a separate room or nursery.

What goes wrong during this process? During the developmental process, as much as parents enjoy in holding their little bundles of joy, there comes a time when their night’s rest takes over. Babies follow their own schedule and settles their routine over a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, it becomes difficult for them to shift sleep associated routines once they become used to sleeping near their parents.

This is a very common problem, but doesn’t have an obvious answer, as it is pretty much dependent on how comfortable the parents and the baby are. Both might face hard time in settling, but it would be a brilliant idea if the parent’s put the baby’s crib in their room from the beginning. This gets you used to their noises, signals and patterns.

What to do To Get A Baby To Sleep In A Crib?

To save you some time, here are some tips for getting a new born sleep in a cot:

Prepare the baby crib:

Maintain the affection they’ve grown up to. Early on, they may feel restless, waking up at various times, therefore, consider patting, swaddling and soothing them. Make the crib their comfort zone.

Set a bedtime routine:

What most of the people do is, that they use cots only for baby’s nap time when they’re not around. This won’t help them associate themselves with their place, as they perceive the world in a sensory manner. Along with naps, parents should put their babies in crib during their play time and at night too, which will help the baby start predicting and get used to the transition process easily.

Keep everything else the same:

Apart from shifting the baby into the crib, try to keep most other things about their bedtime, the same.  The infant should not grapple with too many changes at once.

Read a book to baby:

Parent’s peaceful voice and attention is something that could get the baby sleep comfortably. Even though, they might not be able to understand what you are saying but the soothing rhythm and tones will likely help them dozing off. It’s also beneficial for improving vocabulary and speech. Your child may be able to start understanding you in an early age.

Keep Baby Warm:

Babies love warmth. The womb of the mother is warm and cozy and so are the arms and lap of both parents. This sudden change to a cot might make the baby feel uncomfortable. Therefore, try putting a warm water bottle, down in the crib before the baby goes in. It creates a soothing environment for them.

Time it right:

Last but not the least, timing is extremely important. When your baby is up, keep him/her busy playing and keep a check on their routines. As soon as you notice them feeling drowsy, put them in the cot, in the same position. This assists them associate their positions with sleep in their own space.

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