Why Are Lullabies So Important For Babies?

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Babies Love Lullabies at Bedtime

For centuries it has been well known that baby sleep lullaby music is the perfect way to help babies to relax and fall asleep easily. All new parents are really keen to understand the secrets of success where sleep for their baby is concerned as they soon discover how fractious a tired baby can be and how long the days can be when you have to survive on very little sleep and one gaze in the mirror confirms the fact that you are beginning to look like a panda!

Baby sleep lullaby music can be traced back to ancient times and lullabies exist in nearly every culture.

Lullabies are often referred to as ‘cradle songs’ because they were often sung as the cradle was gently rocked and even today, many parents sing to their baby as they gently rock them in their arms – a movement that reminds the baby of being in the womb. In some countries, babies are strapped to0 their mother’s side and the movement of them walking as they sing to their baby has a very soporific effect!  In France the lullaby is a berceuse, whilst in Germany it is a wiegenlied. In Spain mothers will sing a canciÓn de cuna to their baby and in Hindi and other Indian languages the lullaby is known as a ‘lori’. In most countries, lullabies are handed down from one generation to the next and are seen as an important part of the nation’s culture.

Around the globe, parents firmly believe that baby sleep lullaby music is a very special thing to share with their baby and that really helps them to bond with their baby. In fact, research has shown that lullabies help the baby to develop a love for music and to associate music with pleasurable happy times

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What Studies Show About Lullabies 

A study at Great Ormond Street Hospital a few years ago was undertaken with children suffering from heart and respiratory problems and in all cases and in all case, when the baby was sung a lullaby there was a significant decrease in his heart rate and pain level.

But where to new parents begin? How do you fin the baby sleep lullaby music that will help to settle your baby? Luckily help is at hand and it could not be easier to find a wonderful selection of lullabies to enjoy with your baby. Many babies and children have been sung lullabies over the years so a fun way to begin your search is by asking your own parents and grandparents which will no doubt start a really fun nostalgic singing session which will no doubt surprise you as you will have many of the words of the lullabies they used to settle you for sleep etched in your memory! Don’t forget to use your Smartphone to record the lullabies so that you can practise them at a later date!

Which Lullabies To Choose

There are plenty of lovely examples of baby sleep lullaby music available online and there are various CDs and mobile Apps that can be bought with a wealth of different lullabies for parents to learn and practise. A good lullaby has a slow, steady beat and a repetitive harmonic rhythm and words that can be sung soothingly to your baby as he settles for a sleep. Whilst the best is for the parent to sing the lullabies to their baby, many people feel surprisingly bashful at doing so and for them there are many recorded lullabies on the market. Whichever way you want to introduce baby sleep lullaby music to your baby doesn’t matter because your baby will love the comforting sound of the lullabies and soon be fast asleep.

Stream Night Night Lullaby For Baby

Stream Night Night Lullaby For Baby

Best Baby Lullabies most popular lullaby is now available to stream using most digital streaming platforms. Below are direct links to the most favoured platforms. If the streaming platform you use is not listed, please search 'Best Baby Lullabies Night Night Lullaby'...

Little Angel Lullaby Stream

Little Angel Lullaby Stream

Little Angel Lullaby Stream from Best Baby Lullabies Sleeping can be a troublesome matter for most new parents because they expect babies to  sleep at night like adults and be awake during the day. In reality babies have erratic sleep patterns and it is not surprising...

Sweet Baby Dreams Lullaby

Sweet Baby Dreams Lullaby

Playing lullabies to your baby at bedtime can help relax soothe her, if you are holding your baby, slowly rocking him will help too as this movement replicates the comforting movement the baby experienced in the womb. If you don’t want to sing, slowly hum the melody...

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