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10 Fun Coloring Sheets One
10 Fun Coloring Sheets

10 Fun Coloring Sheets to download as many times as you like. Coloring teaches hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills and is fun!

As soon as your baby can hold a stubby crayon is the time to start encouraging you baby to do simple coloring.

These printable sheets of shapes are perfect to use with chunky crayons. When you baby can pick up a crayon they are ready to begin learning the hand, eye co-ordination skills need to color, draw and eventually write.

Use these printables to encourage baby to draw and colour in. It is NEVER to early, so watch you babies cues and get started as soon as you can! Help you baby by holding their hand and talking to then as you guide them. Say things like up and down: round and round: zig zag and wavy as you help them color and make shapes. You baby will have a headstart in learning if you do!

What you will receive

10 x A4 size coloring sheets for baby as shown bellow.


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