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For generations, parents have used help baby sleep music to relax their infants so that they can doze off successfully!

Music and lullabies (cradle songs) have been successfully used since ancient times by parents all over the world to help their baby relax enough to fall easily asleep – which is beneficial for everyone!

Young babies spend much of their time asleep. In fact new babies will sleep 16-18 hours a day – but in stretches of three maybe four hours, as the small size of their stomachs means that they get hungry and regularly need feeds.. Needless to say, very young babies do not differentiate between day and night so it can be a tiring time for new parents. Help baby sleep music can be successfully introduced into babies’ sleep routine from an early age so that after their feed and change of nappy, they can relax to the sound of music or lullabies and quickly drift off to sleep.

It is very easy for new parents to muss their baby’s signals that he is tired and unfortunately, if the baby stays awake and continues being stimulated by the sights and sounds around him, he will soon get overtired and fretful. Luckily the help baby sleep music of your choice can be used to calm your baby and relax him and soon he will be able to doze off.


There is a real wealth of help baby sleep music available today. Lullabies have been used successfully to soothe babies since earliest times and have been passed down through the generations in many different countries. Many pieces of classical music has the bonus of being great help baby to sleep music and some composers including Brahms and Mozart have written pieces  specifically for use in the nursery. May classical pieces are ideal for use to sooth babies and these are the ones with soothing repetitive melodies – usually played by a single instrument.

There is a good chance that your own favourite classical pieces can be successfully used to help your baby to relax and settle for a sleep for example, think of Vivaldi’s wonderful Four Seasons or Edgar’s Nimrod.  The main criteria for a good piece of help baby sleep music is that it should be soothing and relaxing – no more than 60 beats per minute and played by just a single instrument or small ensemble should be softly played and conducive to sleep, so if you enjoy classical music, play your collection and decide which pieces are worth trying in the nursery. It will soon become clear, which particular pieces your baby find relaxing.

Whilst classical music and lullabies are both excellent help baby sleep music, over the past few years, other music has appeared on the market including ‘white noise’ and wonderful melodies taken from nature. A particularly popular sound that has been combined with lullabies is the steady heart beat as this is comforting to young babies, reminding them of the warmth and security of their mother’s womb…. where it all began….

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