newborn baby sleeps

The no tears method has several approaches, and one of the most popular approaches was detailed by parenting expert Elizabeth Pantley who wrote The No Cry Sleep Solution. Her method helped get her fourth born child into a regular sleeping pattern after he would wake four to eight times per night, and she was frustrated with the methods available to teach babies to sleep without crying. The major benefit of her no tears method is that although it requires some more initial work from the parents, there is less crying and more peaceful nights.

In her method describes some babies that fall asleep when being held and immediately wake up when they are put down. If your baby does this, the recommendation is to give her something to cuddle with such as toy bear or a blanket which will reduce the chance that she will wake up. Like other no tears approach experts she recommends establishing a regular routine involving play time or reading time, a bath, lullabies and other activities in a regular pattern each night.

By adding a nighttime routine, you can reduce the amount of time it takes for your baby to get to sleep. Once your baby starts nursing she will generally fall asleep quickly. Also some experts like Pantley recommend sleeping in the same room (with the baby in a crib) as a way to encourage your baby to fall asleep without crying and without separation anxiety. Not every sleep expert recommends co-sleeping because of the chance of dependency developing. Pantley like other sleep experts suggest that no tears sleep training methods should be customized for the particular family.


One of the downsides of the no tears method is that parents will have to give up some sleep for a while in order to establish the more permanent sleep patterns that can result. By getting up every time your baby cries you will have to lose a few hours of sleep every night, but you might also find that your baby responds quickly to your efforts. Some parents have found that the number of times their baby wakes up reduces in a short period of time after the no tears method has been tried, for other babies it may take several weeks. At some point parents have to decide when they want to switch sleep training methods, but the no tears method should usually be tried for at least a few months before another method is attempted.

Parents should also be aware that there is no method that will get their babies to sleep a full 9-10 hours straight without fussing. No matter what there will always be some waking during the night, but the no tears method can greatly reduce the amount of waking up at night for many babies. Aside from the no tears method parents have to be vigilant of all of the factors that can cause a baby to wake up such as TV noise, lighting, noises from outside the house, the sound of walking and other noises, and try to reduce them as much as possible.